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Thoughtfully Remembering Loved Ones

A Lasting Gift
For Them

Dedication Decals are for expressions of thoughts or memories of a deceased loved one, written on beautifully crafted decals and placed lovingly on a casket or urn. Allow for a grandchild’s happy memory, a close friends inside joke or a family member’s favorite quote. Simply select decals in memory of your departed’s beliefs, lifestyle, or passions, or honor them with a celebration of life event. Dedication Decals can be removed prior to entombment or remain with your loved one for burial. Capture in writing what they meant to you during their lifetime.

24 Unique Decal Designs for Caskets

Capture in Writing What They Meant to You During Their Lifetime

Butteryfly Away

Butterflies are mysterious and beautiful in flight. They represent spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope and life. This beautiful decal gives meaning to the saying that life is short, and every moment is a fresh beginning. Butterfly Away is perfect for a written expression for your departed loved one and ideal for children and adult use.

Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye Birdie was the first decal created in this collection. Birds symbolize freedom because they have the ability and the liberty to roam the earth and fly in the skies. When seen in dreams, birds are good omens of life, rebirth, intelligence, peace, hope, love and so much more. This decal is ideal for a child’s expression of love for a deceased and nicely paired with Melancholy Bear.

Calling Praise

Theatre, movies, and acting come to mind with Calling Praise. It may also represent a church choir or a preacher’s passion for the word. This decal echo’s the qualities of sound and voice, music and praise and may be one of your loved one’s favorite interests.

Compassionate Dawn

Compassionate Dawn demonstrates a passion for gardening, farming, or planting. This decal may also represent your loved one’s dedication to green energy or interests in climate change. Pairing Compassionate Dawn with Earthly Empathy is easily recognizable as an enthusiast’s passion for the earth and may be a perfect decal to express your thoughts and memories.

Dream Flower

The chrysanthemum Dream Flower is a symbol of loyalty, and believed to represent happiness, longevity of life and joy. Selecting this decal to honor your loved one may provide comfort and compassion for grieving family and friends. Messages written on Dream Flower will make a beautiful impression on your loved one’s casket and is nicely paired with Parting Grief or Solemn Measure.

Earthly Empathy

Earthly Empathy is a universal decal. Possibly your loved one was a world traveler or had a favorite destination, spoke several languages or was happy to live a good and happy life. Empathy in this case, is an emotion of compassion for the worlds precious eco systems, forests, water, and elements for preservation of life. Earthly Empathy is a beautiful decal with many meanings.

Eternal Pledge

Eternal Pledge may be your patriot decal dedicated to the those that served our country, protecting our rights and freedom. The flag may also represent a belief, community service act or a political career. Eternal Pledge can be your stand-alone decal for written expressions of gratitude to your loved one or combined with other decals such as Passing Clouds or Tender Hand.

Fore Evermore

Fore Evermore may be the playful decal you select for a golf enthusiast or maybe you choose this decal as a remembrance to your loved one always and forever. Remember fond memories when you think of composing a message on the Fore Evermore decal. Select No Longer Brew to pair with this decal for a celebration of life event.

Hope Anchor

The anchor is viewed by many as the symbol that represents safety, strength, and security. It can also mean a brilliant happy life so possibly your loved one enjoyed boating, fishing or participated in maritime activities. A cross is naturally built into the Hope Anchor so maybe you wish to memorialize the deceased with prayer or dedications. The Hope Anchor is a decal of strength and paired with Eternal Pledge will truly honor your loved one.

Martini To Go

Martini to Go may be a celebration of life decal remembering happier days filled with friendship food and drink. Friends remembering friends. Consider pairing Martini to Go with Fore Evermore or Bye Bye Birdie as a tribute to your loved one.

Melancholy Bear

Melancholy Bear is perfect for a child wishing to express their love and compassion for a departed loved one. Pair this decal with Peaceful Paw, Parting Grief, Bye Bye Birdie or Butterfly Away. A simple drawing, or written word on a Melancholy Bear decal, placed on a loved one’s casket may provide a calming effect in their understanding of death. These decals are created for children and for the child in all of us.

Memoire Blue

Memoire Blue is a decal created for a book lover, journaling fans, braille readers or as a symbol of the Bible, Qur’an, Tora, or other religious text. This decal offers a range of possibilities for expressions of love and is ideal for adorning a casket with loving notes.

Nesting Embrace

Nesting Embrace depicts the love between a child and a parent, a family member or friend. It may be perfect for a child’s written words for the death of a favorite cousin, sibling, or teacher. This decal touches the heart in the saddest of times and is candid to the core of being human. Nesting Embrace could be paired with Trusting Sole or Tender Hand for written messages of faith and kindness.

No Longer Brew

No Longer Brew could be a celebration of life decal remembering happier days filled with friendship food and drink. Friends remembering friends. This decal is ideal for men and women wishing to express fond memories of their departed friend or family member.

Parting Grief

Parting Grief may represent a protective refuge sheltering you from the pain of the loss of your departed loved one. Grief is personal and it may require time and patience to heal. Furthermore, this decal may harbor a memory of spending time with your loved one on sunny beaches searching for seashells or even for seafood lover. Parting Grief is ideal for children and adults who wish to leave lasting and loving hand-written messages on this decal.

Passing Clouds

Passing Clouds signifies our grief for the death of our loved one and the loneliness that may prevail. Grief has no boundaries, and many times we have no choice but to keep living until we are alive again. A Passing Cloud decal strengthens our faith in brighter days ahead. Pair this decal with Prism Light or Earthly Empathy for a worldly loved one.

Peaceful Paw

Peaceful Paw articulates the kindness and respect we hold for our precious companions, our pets, and is ideal for placement on an Urn or burial coffer. Maybe your deceased loved one was an avid pet lover, a veterinarian or owned a small boutique pet store. In any case Peaceful Paw is a great selection for adults and children composing caring messages to their loved one.

Prism Light

Prism Light, the colors in the white light of the sun passing through falling raindrops and separated into individual bands of color, create the rainbow. The colors represent hope and promise in our lives, and despite hardships, to never give up. Do not let Prism Light, Melancholy Bear or Butterfly Away escape, they are perfect for a child’s written expression of love for your dearly departed.

Seemingly Bliss

The seams of the football in Seamingly Bliss represent the many layers of our lives, some defined by years of experiences. The loss of a life-long friend, who may have been a passionate sports enthusiast or a high school teammate, may resurrect long ago memories of happier days. Seamingly Bliss embraces the joy of friendships and may be an ideal celebration of life decal.

Solemn Measure

Solemn Measure is a beautiful decal celebrating the joy that music brings to our lives. It may also be a quiet moment in thought remembering the time your loved one was there for you when you needed them most, or when they may have needed you. The Solemn Measure decal is a single measure of an orchestra of instruments that we call life and is ideal for a tribute to a music lover or a celebration of life event.

Tender Hand

Tender Hand is a powerful representation of human touch. Touch is one of the last deeds we carry out after a person dies. To place the Tender Hand decal on your loved one’s casket at death, warms the heart with gratitude. Tender Hand gives spiritual meaning to your final goodbye. Choose Butterfly Away with Tender Hand for additional sentiments.

Trusting Sole

Trusting Sole pays respect to a person or a belief, most meaningful to you. It may be belief in God, Jesus, Muhammad, a higher power, or a divine love from a spiritual experience. The cross is a religious symbol of faith to many and yet to others may be a symbol of intersecting lives or navigating life’s choices. Trusting Sole may be the decal that exemplifies life and death and may be your choice to honor your loved one.

Uplifting Harvest

Uplifting Harvest, the wine glass, and grapes, may reflect the simple joy, celebration, and festivity of friendships or possibly an expression of the abundant blessings given to us by our creator. A harvest is a time to come together to collect our thoughts and share our love and respect for our departed loved one. Uplifting Harvest may be your decal for a celebration of life event.

Whisper Rose

Whisper Rose is associated with the spiritual and human emotion of love, affection, and admiration. As this fragrant flower blooms, its buds gradually open to reveal blossoms with lovely layers, depicting an illustration of wisdom unfolding in people’s lives or a new idea or passion. Whisper Rose may be your connection with your loved one as a favorite flower of beauty. Select the Hope Anchor with Whisper Rose for additional sentiments.

Planning a Personalized Service

Planning a personalized service can be an important step in grieving and accepting the death of a loved one. Dedication Decals are the perfect offering for your guests in any funeral event, celebration of life, memorial service or cremation ceremony for people or pets.

A celebration of life is often more casual and less structured than a traditional funeral event or memorial service. Many families consider a celebration of life to be more of a relaxed and party-like atmosphere with guests sharing stories of the deceased and celebrating the joys he or she brought into the lives of others. Joys that can be express on a Dedication Decal during a celebration of life event.

A memorial service is typically held weeks or months after the death of a loved one. When planning for a memorial service, Dedication Decals are an important part of honoring the memory of the person you have lost and even more important for your guests to express their appreciation in writing. Appreciations that can be expressed on a Dedication Decal during a memorial service.

Dedication Decals are not only ideal for traditional funerals, celebrations of life and memorial events, but also cremation ceremonies. Cremation ceremonies are becoming more and more common and a big factor in the increasing popularity of cremation for people and pets. A cremation ceremony is an ideal setting for sharing Dedication Decals with those that wish to express their thoughts in writing and may be kept as a memorial keepsake. A pet cremation is also a ceremony celebrating the wonders and unconditional love of animals in our lives. Memorialize that special person or pet with a Dedication Decal.

Dedication Decals offer a rare moment for loved ones to reflect on the significance the deceased person or pet has had in your life. Whether you choose to honor them with a traditional funeral event, a celebration of life event, a memorial service, or a cremation ceremony Dedication Decals give you an opportunity to open your heart and reflect upon your shared journey in life with the deceased. Friends and family will thank you for this extraordinary gesture of love.