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Tracy’s Story, 

I was fortunate to spend time with my mother Joyce before she passed, side by side, reminiscing about memories, both new and old. We laughed, cried, kissed, and hugged tighter than ever before. I wished for more time, another long weekend at the lake, a glass of wine on the patio or an afternoon of boutique shopping. With a heavy sigh, I knew those days had passed and we were in the final moments of her life as a mother, aunt, grandmother, great grandmother, wife, and friend.

Like many of you, I needed to express my appreciation for all that she had done for me. I searched for a dedication relic of sorts, or a meaningful gesture that would provide a source of comfort for grieving family and friends, but in doing so, I also needed to find a way to celebrate her life. After all she loved life and lived it to her fullest potential. She brought smiles and joy to everyone she met so in my search to honor her it came as a surprise to me that that that I found inspiration in an image in which BANDAIDS® were used on a Halloween decoration.   

I began to envision a fond memory, a lasting thought, or a loving note written on an adhesive material placed on my mother’s casket. I knew this concept would be met with hesitation from some — and of course I understood — this idea was brand new to everyone including myself! But, to my surprise, the opposite happened. Friends and family welcomed jotting down their heartfelt memories and thoughts on adhesive bandages. My mother’s casket was adorned with images and the power of our written expressions gave life to the thoughts and feelings inside of us.   

During the funeral, the priest was genuinely moved with the images of expressions of love blanketing her casket. His eulogy reflected many of the written words and provided me with a sense of comfort and peace I carry with me to this day.          

We said our final goodbyes to my mother, choosing to leave the written messages in place. She would have loved knowing her story ended, with the beginning of Dedication Decals.         

Dedication Decals were created in loving memory of my mother, Joyce.


dedication decals my mother joyce

My Mother, Joyce