Compassionate Dawn

Compassionate Dawn demonstrates a passion for gardening, farming, or planting. This decal may also represent your loved one’s dedication to green energy or interests in climate change. Pairing Compassionate Dawn with Earthly Empathy is easily recognizable as an enthusiast’s passion for the earth and may be a perfect decal to express your thoughts and memories.

Dream Flower

The chrysanthemum Dream Flower is a symbol of loyalty, and believed to represent happiness, longevity of life and joy. Selecting this decal to honor your loved one may provide comfort and compassion for grieving family and friends. Messages written on Dream Flower will make a beautiful impression on your loved one’s casket and is nicely paired with Parting Grief or Solemn Measure.

Earthly Empathy

Earthly Empathy is a universal decal. Possibly your loved one was a world traveler or had a favorite destination, spoke several languages or was happy to live a good and happy life. Empathy in this case, is an emotion of compassion for the worlds precious eco systems, forests, water, and elements for preservation of life. Earthly Empathy is a beautiful decal with many meanings.

Parting Grief

Parting Grief may represent a protective refuge sheltering you from the pain of the loss of your departed loved one. Grief is personal and it may require time and patience to heal. Furthermore, this decal may harbor a memory of spending time with your loved one on sunny beaches searching for seashells or even for seafood lover. Parting Grief is ideal for children and adults who wish to leave lasting and loving hand-written messages on this decal.

Passing Clouds

Passing Clouds signifies our grief for the death of our loved one and the loneliness that may prevail. Grief has no boundaries, and many times we have no choice but to keep living until we are alive again. A Passing Cloud decal strengthens our faith in brighter days ahead. Pair this decal with Prism Light or Earthly Empathy for a worldly loved one.

Prism Light

Prism Light, the colors in the white light of the sun passing through falling raindrops and separated into individual bands of color, create the rainbow. The colors represent hope and promise in our lives, and despite hardships, to never give up. Do not let Prism Light, Melancholy Bear or Butterfly Away escape, they are perfect for a child’s written expression of love for your dearly departed.

Whisper Rose

Whisper Rose is associated with the spiritual and human emotion of love, affection, and admiration. As this fragrant flower blooms, its buds gradually open to reveal blossoms with lovely layers, depicting an illustration of wisdom unfolding in people’s lives or a new idea or passion. Whisper Rose may be your connection with your loved one as a favorite flower of beauty. Select the Hope Anchor with Whisper Rose for additional sentiments.