Hope Anchor

The anchor is viewed by many as the symbol that represents safety, strength, and security. It can also mean a brilliant happy life so possibly your loved one enjoyed boating, fishing or participated in maritime activities. A cross is naturally built into the Hope Anchor so maybe you wish to memorialize the deceased with prayer or dedications. The Hope Anchor is a decal of strength and paired with Eternal Pledge will truly honor your loved one.

Memoire Blue

Memoire Blue is a decal created for a book lover, journaling fans, braille readers or as a symbol of the Bible, Qur’an, Tora, or other religious text. This decal offers a range of possibilities for expressions of love and is ideal for adorning a casket with loving notes.

Trusting Sole

Trusting Sole pays respect to a person or a belief, most meaningful to you. It may be belief in God, Jesus, Muhammad, a higher power, or a divine love from a spiritual experience. The cross is a religious symbol of faith to many and yet to others may be a symbol of intersecting lives or navigating life’s choices. Trusting Sole may be the decal that exemplifies life and death and may be your choice to honor your loved one.